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Our Heritage Sets Us Apart

Welcome to our candle store. We are delighted that you're here. Atlas Candles is undergoing a re-brand. While we prepare for our launch, learn more about our soy candles and sign up for our weekly self-care tips. 


I am a third generation artisan. After earning my degree in marketing I decided to continue the family tradition of soap and candle making as a hobby. I started selling soy candles in 2011 at a local holiday pop-up. The response was so positive that I dedicated the next few years to elevating my skills by learning from industry leading chandlers. The result is a premium scented soy candle line.

Coupled with my background in marketing and brand development I re-branded my scented candles to Atlas. The name Atlas is from the cultural influence of cartography (the study and practice of making maps). The meaning is a personal reminder that life is a journey. Getting to my destination requires a clear understanding of where I am from and where I am currently in relation to where I want to go. 

Our candles are hand-blended with domestically grown soy beans and scented with pure essential oils and premium fragrances. Cotton wicks braided with thin paper threads provides a firm structure without the need for a core. This combination emits a clean, complex layered aroma with generous burn times. 

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